Zenith Series

Zenith 50

A completely hand-wired 2 channel clean and modern high-gain amplifier
View Zenith 50 & 25

Retribution 30

Retribution 30 Combo

The perfect blend of American and British sounds
View Retribution 30

Rogue 50

Rogue 50 Head

Hot-rodded British tones with unmatched versatility
View Rogue 50

MK Series

MK36 Combo

A unique spin on classic British tones
View MK36 and MK18

Ægean Series

ÆGEAN Series

Single channel American-voiced amplifier with reverb
View ÆGEAN 40 and ÆGEAN 20

Apex Series

Apex Series

3 channel modern high gain amplifier
View Apex 100 and Apex 50