The AC-inspired amp killer


The MK36 was created for a musician that was looking for the perfect complement to his Retribution 30 – something that was a bit brighter with the ability to dial up a multitude of different tones. We decided to do something that other boutique manufacturers don’t – expand upon the AC-style amp platform, not copy from it. The first thing we did was internally jump the Normal and Bright channels and allow the player to mix the two to their liking. The Normal and Bright controls not only blend the qualities of the two channels, but together they fatten up the tone and provide a wider soundstage that the two channels individually cannot achieve. The channels can be used individually, but they’re better blended together. In a traditional AC circuit, the Normal channel is almost useless as it doesn’t go through any sort of tone stack. We spiced up the Normal channel on the MK series by routing it through the tone controls and adding a much-needed Midrange control. We also made the tone bolder and tighter than a traditional AC-based amplifier. The transformers are the true secret to this amplifier. Based on the prized amps of two of the most influential players in American music history, these transformers push the MK36 to head of the AC-inspired pack.

MK36 Combo

Tone Samples


MK36 Pricing


Headshell – $2,450
1×12 Combo – $2,825
2×12 Combo – $3,050
Buffered effects loop – +$95

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Technical Specifications


  • Single Channel British-Style Tube Amplifier
  • 36 Watts of Power
  • Tube Configuration: 5AR4, 4-EL84, 3-12AX7
  • Controls Include: Volume, Bright gain, Normal gain, Treble, Midrange, Bass and Cut
  • The Bright and Normal “channels” are connected internally and can be blended together or used separately, allowing for 3 different voices from the preamp
  • Both channels when used independently have full access to EQ controls
  • Impedance Switch for 4, 8, and 16 Ohm Cabinets With 2 Parallel Outs
  • Dimensions (1×12 combo): 25W x 10D x 20-1/4H

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