Think all bass cabinets are created equal?


We don’t build bass speaker cabinets like anyone else. We design, hand-build, and test all of our cabinets in-house one at a time to ensure the quality of every piece we make. Unlike other manufacturers, we design our cabinets around the speakers that we use and not the other way around. All of our bass cabs are ported Thiele/Small designs that are centered around Celestion’s great line of bass drivers, giving our cabs extended bass frequency response and maximum potential from the speakers that you don’t get with sealed or infinite baffle cabinets. All-metal hardware and 15mm imported BB/BB grade, void-free Baltic Birch make our cabs road-worthy and nearly indestructible. All of our bass cabinets include two Neutrik SpeakON-1/4 inch combo jacks for the most solid connection possible.

Still think all bass cabinets are created equal?

NV 8x10B Cabinet

NV 8x10 Bass Cabinet

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NV 6x10B Cabinet

NV 6x10 Bass Cabinet

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NV 4x10B Cabinet

NV 4x10 Bass Cabinet

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NV 1x15B Cabinet

1x15 Bass Cabinet

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NV 2x10B Cabinet

View NV 2x10B Cabinet

We’ve built other cabinet configurations not pictured here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send us an email at and we’ll discuss your cabinet.