Your company name doesn’t make sense, new/old amps?

Actually, it makes perfect sense; the name comes from the fact that we’re building amplifiers like back in the good ‘ol days–wiring everything by hand on eyelet boards and using the best components we can find. There are less and less amps on the market made this way. With these “vintage” or old school build techniques, we’re creating “new” and modern tones. At the same time, our gear still has a vintage flavor that comes from building things the old way. With that said, we don’t clone or try to emulate any other amplifier–there’s plenty of guys doing that already!

Why should I buy a New Vintage Amplifier over a “(name brand here)”?

Sure, we’re totally biased with this one. One of the biggest things you get with a New Vintage over many other brands is a quality that is difficult to match. We like to refer to them as “heirloom amps” because the build is tailored to outlast even the vintage classics. The number one thing we avoid is cutting corners-each amplifier is hand wired, using the finest grade components available. We have personalized customer service that is also difficult to find in the larger manufacturers. All of us who work for New Vintage are players, and with that we have a desire to provide our customers with the greatest tone possible.

How long will it take to get my amplifier after I place my order?

Currently, New Vintage Amplifiers are made to order. Typical production lead time for an amplifier is about 14-16 weeks. If you order a custom piece – anything other than a standard product found on the website – your piece will be subject to different terms that we will outline on a case-by-case basis.

Why don’t New Vintage Amplifiers have (name modern amp gimmick here)?

We have a philosophy here at New Vintage HQ, which is “Simpler is ALWAYS better.” Any electronics textbook will tell you that the less your signal has to pass through, the better. We keep our circuits as simple as possible, all the while providing you with killer tone.

Can I get custom colors for my tolex and grill cloth?

Yep! We have all different colors of tolex, grill cloth and piping. Just ask us about our current selections, or check out our Customizer page!

Can I get a different speaker loaded in my cabinet?

Yes you can! We feel pretty strongly about the tone and quality of Celestion Speakers and how they match up with our amps, but if you have a favorite speaker that you just can’t live without, let us know. We can get Jensen, Celestion, Sica, Weber, Mojo, Eminence, and Electro-Harmonix. Note that a custom speaker order will probably change the price of your amp.