Stock or hot-rodded? You choose.


Most amplifiers that are used to achieve that iconic British lead tone are one-trick ponies. We knew that we could produce an amp that was capable of more. The Rogue 50 is a multi-dimensional single-channel amp that offers both stock and modded British tones that are able to be switched at a moment’s notice. We began with the concept of a jumped dual-channel amp and expanded it. The Rogue 50 is a single input amplifier that passively mixes two isolated channels (Normal and Bright) so that they can be blended to your taste. This passive mixing gives you access to tones that you couldn’t otherwise get out of a channel-jumped amp. To add to the versatility we added a Cascade mode – when engaged, the amp takes the otherwise parallel gain stages of the Normal and Bright channels and puts them in series, one in front of the other, to increase gain saturation, add richer harmonics, and deliver that classic hot-rodded tone. The Cascade mode can go from a harmonically-rich crunch to saturated, smooth leads. This amp is a dream in the studio. You can use the Normal and Bright channels on their own, together, or in Cascade mode. The Rogue 50 can also put out a bold clean tone that features a throaty midrange with lots of top-end sheen and a thick bottom end that makes any 4×12 thump. Why settle on one British-voiced amp when you can have them all in one box?

Rogue 50 Head

Rogue 50 Pricing


Headshell – $2,350
1×12 Combo – $2,750

2×12 Combo – $2,950
Buffered effects loop – +$95

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Technical Specifications


  • Single Channel Mid-Gain Amplifier
  • 50 Watts of Power
  • Tube Configuration: 2-EL34, 3-12AX7
  • Controls Include: Volume (pull for Cascade), Bright Gain, Normal Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Body, Brilliance
  • Very Touch Sensitive: Go anywhere from silky cleans, to crunchy high gain tones with just the turn of your guitar’s volume knob.
  • Impedance Switch for 4, 8, and 16 Ohm Cabinets With 2 Parallel Outs

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