Three distinct modern and vintage tones, at the Apex of hand-wired design


Modern high gain AND multi-channel operation is something of a rarity in the hand-wired amplifier market. Few manufacturers actually hand-wire anything with this many options or this much gain. This style of amplifiers take a rare amount of discipline and patience to hand-build with the precision and noise performance New Vintage guitar amps are known for.

Introducing the Apex Series. The Apex Series is our 3 channel take on amplifier design that is at the top in tonal options. Developed with producer Josh Barber (Norma Jean, War Of Ages), together we fine-tuned each channel for the utmost in versatility. The Apex offers a fully-featured American-voiced clean channel that is dynamic and full with the right amount of top-end sparkle to cut through the mix (think Blackface with a touch of Plexi bite). It’s rare to find a clean channel this rich and punchy on a multi-channel amplifier. Channel 2 is ideal for an overdriven rhythm tone with a thick British crunch that is tight and impactful when palm muted (pushed/overdriven Plexi tones). Channel 3 is the modern high gain show-stopper that is smooth, articulate, and percussive (SLO, 5150, early Dual Rec). The completely saturated tone has incredible note definition, sustain and clarity.

Unique to the Apex is ALL THREE channels have fully independent signal paths, with no shared tube stages (shared stages are a common trait with nearly all multi-channel amplifiers). This allowed us to give each channel it’s own voice, without compromise. Global Resonance and Bright controls shape the overall feel and weight, allowing you to dial in a tone perfect for your style of play. Pair it up with our exclusive 3 button MIDI footswitch for the ultimate in switching options and automation. No matter what sound you’re going for, the Apex Series of amplifiers has your bases covered.

Apex 100

Apex 100 Pricing

Apex 50 Pricing



Technical Specifications


  • 3 Channel All-Tube Amplifier
  • Three Foot-Switchable Channels-Clean, Crunch, Lead
  • 100 Watts of Power (50 Watts With Apex 50)
  • Tube Configuration for Apex 100: 2-6550A, 6-12AX7
  • Tube Configuration for Apex 50: 2-6L6GC, 6-12AX7
  • Channel 1 Controls Include: Volume, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass
  • Channel 2 Controls Include: Volume, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass
  • Channel 3 Controls Include: Volume, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass
  • Body and Brilliance Power Amp EQ Controls Shared Between All 3 Channels
  • Optional Buffered Effects Loop Available
  • Optional 3 Button MIDI Footswitch Available
  • Impedance Switch for 4, 8, and 16 Ohm Cabinets With 2 Parallel Outs

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