Simpler is better


The V-15L and V-7L offer a wide range of tonal options but is incredibly light on features. With just three controls on the V-15L (Volume, Tone, and Master) and two on the V-7L (Volume and Tone) – these amps are perfect for that simple vintage feel. A parallel triode input stage allows the V-Series to go from fat cleans to rich overdrive with ease. The Tone control is a tilt-style design – turn it to the right and you dial up more treble or turn it to the left for more low-end. This Tone control can move the amps from warm and round to bright and crunchy tones. Designed to be a simple and short path from guitar to speaker, these amps are incredibly pedal-friendly. And don’t worry about volume; with custom-designed Mercury Magnetics transformers, the V-15L is loud enough to stand out at any gig. The V-7L is great for studio, bedroom, or small venue use.

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V-15L Pricing

V-7L Pricing

1×12 Combo – $1,530

2×10 Combo
2×12 Combo

1×12 Combo

technical specifications for the V-15L and V-7L



  • 15 Watts of Power
  • Tube Configuration: 2-EL84, 2-12AX7
  • Controls Include: Gain, Volume, Tone
  • Impedance Switch for 4, 8, and 16 Ohm Cabinets With 2 Parallel Outs


  • 7 Watts of Power
  • Tube Configuration: 1-EL84, 1-12AX7
  • Controls Include: Gain & Tone
  • 4, 8, and 16 Ohm 1/4″ Outs

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